Bumble Foot outbreak Conturnix Quail


Jun 22, 2016
Hi everyone, I have eleven quail. Nine females and two males. Kept on wire

None of them were displaying any sort of discomfort or odd behavior, but I randomly checked their feet yesterday and sure enough nearly all of them have bumblefoot to the point of scabbing on the pads of their feet.

I have been averaging eight eggs a day and they have been eating and drinking normally.

Is there a magic solution to this? I removed the scabs and drained and put neosporin on yesterday but what else can I do?

This weekend I will wash everything with a bleach solution and then drain, treat, and wrap each one of their feet.

My question is, is this all for naught? Will it be impossible to completely rid the flock of this infection? Will one of them continue to reinfect the other quail? Should I cull and start over?

I hate the idea of culling a quail and not eating it but the general consensus on the threads is not to eat poultry with bumblefoot. These aren't my pets, they are food and I can't see taking them all to a vet.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I am very stressed about this whole thing


Mar 14, 2016
1/3 of your cages should have solid footing, cardboard is a simple quick fix. A dust bath container helps too. By any chance are your coturnix jumbos? They are more susceptible to bumblefoot than standard due to their weight.

I avoid the problem all together by keeping my quail on deep litter. The only time they have ever stood on wire is the random times I place them on top of the cage temporarily. I put them on paper towels until 2 or 3 days old then remove it revealing the deep litter underneath.

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