bumble foot surgery what if I mess up? (Surgery UPDATE!!)


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
my hen has bumble foot.
I am going to follow this

what will happen if I dont get all the puss out?

I am a little nervous I will do somthing wrong

I really love this hen and I dont want anything to happen to her.

This is her foot. sorry the pic is blurry.


I am afraid I might mess it up.
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Well, the worst thing you can do is not try, because her foot will only digress. If you dont get all the puss out, you might have to do it agian, but she wont die. It's really not hard, the first time I did it I was seventeen.
If all else fails, find someone who lives by you whose dont it before and is willing to help. Good Luck!! Let us know how it goes.
There is a core in there. Make sure you get that out, then make sure you use neosporin and wrap the foot with vet wrap. You'll have to do it a couple of times at least. Don't forget to soak. That helps clean it out.
That thread is excellent, follow that. Also there is a fish med. that you can put on the foot. It's supposed to work really well. I've never tried it. I just had one hen with bumblefoot. You have to keep at it, though. Bumblefoot is staph infection. Chickens encapsulate the infection, therefore the core.
In short, it is a staph infection. It can be caused by splinters (the cause in my roo). I have also heard hard landings can cause it, although I am not sure why.
Thank you all, I will give it a go.

also should I put the neosporen right in the hole after I clean it?
Ok all, I got an X-ACTO knife.
also should I put the neosporen right in the hole after I clean it?
oh the surgery dident go that well
after i got the plug out her foot bled like crazy I was so freaked out!
and she flinched every time I cut her foot!

there was so much blood that I couldent really tell if I got all the stuff out. i packed it with Neosporen
We had to hold it for 15 min to get the blood to stop.
after it stoped we wraped it. then I took Golden the hen to a small area to stay in.
when she put weight on her foot the bleeding started up again. it went through the wrap and i really wraped it!
i was scared she would bleed to death!

I left it alone,
i really dont think I did a very good job

I really feel like I just hurt her more

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