Bumble Foot Treatment.

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  1. jennrauch

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    Oct 2, 2007
    So I found a link on here how to treat Bumble Foot. And well it didn't go as easy as I would have hoped. Has anyone here lanced feet/treated bumble foot? I would love a little more info on it. I don't think I got much of the staff infection out. I had to stop cuz she was bleeding pretty bad so I stopped and wrapped it. I'm going to on friday redress it and wait for the lanced foot to heal then try again. I'm a failure. It seemed so easy but not for me. Boo. Poor chicken, I'm going to have to try again.
  2. speckledhen

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    It isn't easy. I've done it more than you can imagine and I fight it with several hens on a regular basis. It's all because of where I live and the staph in my soil. There's only so much digging you can do in the foot without anesthetic. If she was bleeding, you probably got a good bit of solidified infection out. Do Epsom Salt soaks, flush inside the hole with with saline solution and/or betadine, put antibiotic ointment and wrap. I've done a wet to dry dressing, too, that helped. You soak some gauze in sterile saline, pack it into the hole the plug came out of, wrap it up, then the next day, pull the gauze out and it will debride the interior of the wound, bringing infection out with it. Youll have to do this daily for awhile. It's a long, drawn-out process if you have a bad infection. I have several hens who basically just keep a plug in their feet most of the time. I've given up on antibiotics-they never worked because I cant keep them in a sterile environment (wooded acreage with old burn piles and glass)
  3. jennrauch

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    Oct 2, 2007
    So I got a 14g hollow needle (i hope will help with infection). So I'm going to see if the needle does more then the lance. I hope there is not as much bleeding. Wish me luck!
  4. ruth

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    Jul 8, 2007
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    I just recently did my first and hopefully my last bumblefoot surgery. My hen had two swollen lumps between her toes that looked like marbles. Didn't have much of a black scab or anything on bottom of foot so I wasn't sure it was bumblefoot. I did the research on here and finally attempted surgery. After I cut around the tiny scab she did have - which was on upper corner of foot and not in direct middle of pad - I didn't find anything. There was no pus. Using a razor blade I cut into the pad and there was bleeding but still no pus and I couldn't see anything. I dug with a needle, razor and tweezers - hen was laying on side amazingly calm (put a rag over their head and if they can't see they seem to sleep). I was just about to give up and leave her alone when I thought I would soak her foot again now that I had it open. I soaked it in the warm Epsom salt water and looked at foot again and could see something. I dug a little and pulled out a little plug. Soaked again and kept squeezing her foot while soaking. Looked again and saw a big plug. Took a little work repeating the process but finally a big plug of solid "stuff" came popping out like a big zit. Left a big deep crater hole in bottom of foot. I stuck neosporin (no pain relief) in hole and wrapped up foot with vetwrap and put her in hay lined hutch so she wouldn't use it or get it dirty. Took it off the next day to check it and soak it and it was completely healed over. I reapplied neosporin and reapplied vet wrap and kept her in hutch. 3 days later I took off the vetwrap and let her free. After a week all swelling was down and she seems fine now.

    Hope this helps you and all others who have to do this horrible surgery. She and I did great through it but after the fact I got so woozy, thought I would faint and throw up at same time. I think the key is soaking the foot once you have it lanced open. I wasn't getting anywhere up till that point.
  5. greyfields

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    Mar 15, 2007
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    1 cc of penecillin in the thigh until it goes away. You don't necessarily have to lance it.

    It seems my ducks and geese had more than their fair share this year already.
  6. Morning Dove

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    Oct 13, 2008
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    I'm having a hard time getting the plug out of my hen's foot as well. I will get some Epsom salts and try the soaking, and the wet to dry bandage. I'm getting really good at wrapping a chicken's food in vet wrap, thanks to this Youtube video:


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