Bumble Waddle?????

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  1. Bleenie

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    I recently adopted a handsome BLRW Roo who was getting beat up by the other roos at his old home. I noticed a large, round scab on one of his wattles when i brought him home but figured, like the rest, it was just a fight wound healing up. well after a week i finally decided that thing just really didn't look right and was bothering me...

    I scooped him up and "folded" his wattle at the edge of the scab and it popped up a little so i decided to pull the scab out. no blood came out but it was a nasty yellow around the edges of the scab on the underside. I pushed around the edges of the hole in his wattle and some gunk came out but not much. i got it cleaned out and filled it with Neosporin and sent him back out to do rooster things.

    I have only dealt with Bumble foot once before but this nasty scab looked like a BF scab... is it possible he had the same kind of infection in his wattle?
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  2. perchie.girl

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    Quote:Sounds just like what it was a scab that had a little infection behind it. I would do just the same as you. Unless you were seeing other symptoms. [​IMG]
  3. ranchhand

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    Sounds like he has a small infection in his wattle, probably from a fight. Just dab a bit of Neosporin without Lidocaine on it and he should be fine in a few days.
  4. Judy

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    I believe bumblefoot is a staph infection, and yes, they can get it anywhere, as can you. Staph are everywhere.
  5. Bleenie

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    [​IMG] thanks ranchhand, i spelled it waddle, didn't i? having ducks for so long had made me chicken retarded [​IMG] thank you for correcting me.

    The gunk i pushed out was kinda thick, that's why i wondered if it could be staph. just never heard of a chicken getting a staph infection in his wattle, and the scab was oddly circular.
  6. Miss Lydia

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    Sure sounds like staph. You might want to also wash it out good with some watered down betadine. that would help to dry it up.
  7. Bleenie

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    i have some leftover baytril (from the ducks Staph ear infection) that i can give him in case it looks like its getting worse by tomorrow. I figured it would be better with the scab off than blocking everything in.

    Would it be easier to wash the hole with the medicine rather than give it orally? i'm not sure how effective it would be given orally with the wound being on his wattle. never had to deal with wounds like this, open rips and tears yes, but infected spots, no.
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  8. Miss Lydia

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    If it doesn't look any worse tomorrow and hopefull it won't because it sounds like you got the core out.. I would just wash it good... maybe cotton ball dipped into the betadine or even probably just some warm salty water . I wrap them up in a towel and just hold the cloth or what ever on it or wash it gently over the sink. you'll get alot in there I have even sprayed blue kote on their wattles after covering their heads up so just their wattles are showing... just remember if you use the blue kote that it stains what ever it gets on.. I have the blue kote towel and rubber gloves..[​IMG]
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    Quote:X 2

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    Waddle is something you do, as in pregnant. Wattle is somehting a chicken has [​IMG]



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