Bumblefoot and Belly Crackling

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    Apr 24, 2018
    So my year old indian runner just got a case of bumble foot and i’ve been soaking her feet in iodine and warm water and then wrapping her foot with neosporin ( i also have a duck shoe for her) i just don’t know what to do to get that black thing off. I know you can remove it yourself but what is the safest way. Also her stomach has been crackling and making popping sounds. I’ve heard of gritting but i don’t really understand what that means, is it bad? Do i have to do anything for it, i brought her to the vet but $300 later and they did nothing for her. any advice is good for me

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    Sep 14, 2018
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    try soaking it until it is soft then try to peel it off, though be careful
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    Mar 12, 2019
    Patience and careful observation with the bumblefoot. Lots of things, consistently applied, will make the body expel the infection. But you have to be careful if her appetite decreases, that means that there's an emergency with the infection and you have to do surgery unfortunately. I had very mild bumblefoot and it went away spontaneously, I suspect the green garlic shoots and oregano that I was offering free choice had something to do with it. But if someday a more serious case of bumblefoot should make an appearance, I plan to use a 'drawing salve'. This is a very lucky find, actually it fell into my lap :lol: a while ago, youtube just volunteered it in the 'recommended ' bar. I always look at comments too, people are giving it :thumbsup.

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