Bumblefoot and Eggs


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11 Years
May 30, 2008
Am I correct to understand that if my hen has bumblefoot, we should NOT eat her eggs? Can we eat the other eggs in the nest? She lays white eggs and I have chickens that lay brown and green eggs....so is it safe to eat the green & brown eggs?

Also does anyone know if you MUST get all of the puss out of their foot? I was able to get the plug out and some puss but I hated to keep squeezing at her foot. I felt so awful. I did put neosporin on her foot, a nonstick gauze and then I wrapped it with self sticking wrap. I put her back to bed and will see what the morning brings. Her sore is pretty big but it is still soft to the touch....does this mean there is still hope?

She was not limping on her foot or showing any signs of having problems....it is dumb luck that my daughter noticed her foot and thank God she did.

Any help or thoughts is much appreciated!


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