Bumblefoot and feathers

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mikew4895, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Sep 3, 2014
    Hi I am very new to taking care of ducks. A long story short....I rescued 25 ducks from slaughter recently.

    Anyway...1 of the ducks has bad bumblefoot. I've taken her to the vets and she is on baytrill (1.5ml a day in 1litre of water). She doesn't drink all the water so I've looked for other ways to help her heal quicker. I've soaked her foot in epsom salt water, taken off the large black scabs on some of the areas. Underneath some it looks like good skin so I have left them. Underneath the a big one it looks quite red. No pus is coming out though so wrapped it up. I've looked in every pharmacy for Iodine but nowhere has it so I asked at the farm shop and the guy has recommended 'Equimins first aid and stable spray'. Has anyone had any experience with this?
    Some of the black spots will not come off either, even after soaking for half hour. Any recommendations?
    Her feathers are also not in the best condition. What can I do/buy to help them grow back nice and white again?

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    Proud of you! There is always much to learn.

    I am not familiar with that product. If there is a Walmart near you, they pretty reliably carry clear iodine, that is the stuff that Haunted55 uses - it contains ammonia, and we think that helps it soak through better. Or something. It acts a little differently than the brown stuff.

    So, just keep soaking - the black scabs don't always come off easily at first - I think that just means it will take a little more time.

    You are wise to be giving oral antibiotics.

    For feather condition, long term nutrition is what I would bank on. Give her a good balanced ration as a basis, and then add some fresh greens, a tablespoon of good quality dry cat kibble especially when she molts, I like adding some ground flaxseed to their food.
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    Sep 3, 2014
    I live in the UK so we don't have Walmart here. I think I might have to look online to get a bottle from somewhere.

    Thanks for the information. I will keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully she gets better. I'll also try her on some more fresh greens and see if that clears up her feathers
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    Hi, pets at home in the uk do a poultry spice which will help with molting but I don't think they carry anything that will help with bumblefoot. So you'll have to keep looking online for that

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