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    Jan 11, 2010
    My two pekin ducks have bumblefoot. One worse than the other (of course the less friendly one). I think it's because they have access to a concrete rock patio and they are in a wire cage at night. I don't really know anything about it except what it looks like and it looks typical. There is a large swelling on the bottom of each foot on the pad and it's black on top of the swelling. I had been noticing the swellings from when they were standing but I guess I was hoping if I didn't look nothing would be there and it would go away. I was picking them up today and noticed "Puddles" had blood on her foot (now all over my white shirt) and turned her on her back to check her feet. Sure enouh classic black spot. I sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide and put them up for the night. So what should I do? Is there any way it will go away on it's own? They don't limp or act like they don't want to walk or anything. I hope I can get this under control fast because I am leaving Friday and my family has to care for the girls. Thanks
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    HI, fellow duck person! When my Pekin had bumblefoot (her foot was warmer to the touch-indicating infection-with swollen spot and a black scab) the vet gave her Baytril. You can ask for the prescription and then send it into PetMeds (cheaper) Bumblefoot is a staph infection and the swelling is the pus which is actually hard. You want to get rid of the infection before it gets into the bone. Then you want to get rid of the scab and pus. Do your ducks have a pond or kiddie pool? Soaking the foot is the best way to remove the scab and then in theory the pus will come out. Getting them to float (and off their feet) is the best thing. You can also soak her foot in an epsom salt bath or a dilute betadine bath--dilute the betadine in water till the color is like weak tea) DO NOT LET HER DRINK EITHER BATH. It helps to wrap the duck in a towel to hold her in the bath (sorry this is your less friendly one) The other thing is to put down some protection on the wire pen floor. Like towels, pillows or foam pads-something that has some give to it. Soft, springy grass is also great for them to walk on, so is sand-I would keep them off the concrete. In my experience the Baytril worked great but it was hard and took time to get the scab off. Good luck and hope they are better soon. Annie
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    Thanks for the links and tips. Their feet don't look near as bad as some pictures I've seen. Just one bumble on each foot pad. They have plenty of grass to hang out in all day and a #3 washtub for swimming. I'll see about getting a larger pool so they will swim more often. I might try and get some duck shoes for them to wear while they heal and maybe at night in the wire cage until I finish their new house. I have read some stuff about giving antibiotics? Would pennicilin be an affective drug? I have a bottle on hand. When do I know if it should be lanced? I'm going to try and get a few pictures tonight.
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    darn I'm too late I could've help i just did a whole 4H project (teaching aid flip chart) over Bumblefoot for Vet Science. hope everything works out [​IMG]
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    Nettie has shoes that keep the ducks foot clean which is really important. My duck had bumblefoot and I would not have been able to get it to clear up if it had not been for Nettie's shoes. She has one of the neoprene shoes on in the photo below. This is an older style shoe - she has all sorts of colors and they are bigger than the one below. They work great!!!

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