Bumblefoot or Broken Foot? Vet has the answer! Part 2

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    This new post is for anyone who needs help with determining whether its bumblefoot or broken feet, and the treatment.

    I took Dash, my female quail, to my vet - who happens to be an avian specialist. (Side note they took her picture and she was pet of the day on their website LOL!!)

    He did a full exam and an xray of her, and guess what. NO broken foot!

    He said it was bumblefoot. There was no open wound, no black spot, but it was definitely bumblefoot. Pics are posted below.

    The treatment is Baytril for 10-14 days in her drinking water. I have a 1.5 quart stock solution they made me and thats how we're going to proceed. IF it doesnt work, I will have to bring her back. They will sedate her and lance the foot, clean it out completely, and dress/bandage it.

    So wish me luck that baytril works!!! Thanks you guys :)






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    That's great Michelle :) and thank you for the tag and the update!! I hope the Baytril works. Please do let us know!
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    Thanks for the post and photos. When one of my hens started limping last year, I examined her foot, saw no black spot and no open wound. But, yes, it was bumblefoot, and the vet -- who is pretty good with poultry but not an avian specialist -- provided some pre-loaded syringes of Baytril.

    I think it's good of you to let people know that bumblefoot doesn't always present the way we think it should.

    Hope Dash -- and you -- are feeling much better.
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