Bumblefoot or fungal infection?


Apr 5, 2019
I don't know if this is bumblefoot or fungal infection. It isn't really a scab that I can remove, which is why I don't think it's bumble foot. She is eating and drinking, and was limping a bit yesterday, but was walking fine this morning. I'm not sure what else I should do- I soaked her feet in an epsom salt bath this morning for 30 minutes, then sprayed the brown area with Microcyn Poultry Care spray. I put an antifungal/antibacterial/antiviral cream on the area, then wrapped with medical wrap and taped it. She's in her own pen now with duck food and a small water dish that she can't step in. Is there anything else I should be doing?
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Jun 6, 2019
That is definitely bumblefoot. There are hundreds of posts on here about the issue and you should start researching all of those threads. She needs to be soaked in epsom salts and the scab needs to be pulled and triple antibiotic ointment applied, wrapped to keep clean and dry, and kept out of water for at least a couple days. Those other tiny spots look like tiny scabs as well so pay attention to what your ducks are walking on. They need the softest of surfaces and nothing that might poke their skin and invite infection to enter. This is so hard, especially with the pekins since they are heavy weight birds.


Nov 30, 2019
Definitely bumblefoot. seems pretty advanced, would highly recommend antibiotics and a vet visit. Even with the vet visit, you will have to continue with the soaks, bandage changed, etc, so it heals. Many time removing the core once doesn't work and it infection will still come back, which is why medicine helps alot.

As I mentioned in another post, with all the experience I have had with bumblefoot, the thing that worked for me the best are duck foot shapes cut out of pool noodles and evened out so it's flat.

They act like platforms and keep the foot further from water, waterproof so they dry out fast and cushions the foot as it heals. I just place the cut out pool noodle shape under their foot and use vet wrap to secure it to the foot and ankle and keep dirty from getting in. I change the bandage every day and apply ointment to the area after a epsom salt soak.

I noticed the healing time and chances of healing were alot better with this method. Too much pressure on the affected area can just make it come back.

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