Bumblefoot or scaly leg mites?

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    May 6, 2016
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    please help, my old english bantam hen Robin has something up with her feet and i'm very worried about her. :(
    one of her feet is swollen up, warm, and misshapen... it looks like bumblefoot but there's no scab.
    this is the same foot. her scales are raised and dirty.
    here's her other foot, which isn't swollen, but has a bit of the same scale problems.

    i thought for sure it was bumblefoot but her grody scales and lack of a scab make me want to be sure its not something else?

    i've quarantined her from the rest of the flock.
    i started soaking and washing her feet, but she got fussy and difficult so i decided to wait a couple hours until my sister gets home and can help me out.

    if it is bumblefoot, i'm worried about having to perform surgery on her. :( i'm afraid to hurt her.

    i feel awful for not noticing until now.

    poor girl :( any help would be appreciated, thank you so much
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    Definitely bumblefoot but a couple raised scales could also be scaly leg mite.

    You don't necessarily have to do surgery. Start by giving her feet a warm Epsom salt bath a couple times a day. Perhaps 20 minutes each time.
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