Bumblefoot or sprain injury - what can I do to treat my sweet roo Butch?


Oct 16, 2021
The green on the leg is bruising. The bumblefoot on the toe looks more serious than on the footpad. You can soak his feet and legs in some warm Epsom salts water. Then you could try to remove the bumblefoot scab and try to get any pus or plug out of it. Apply a gauze pad after applying some plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment and wrap the foot with vet wrap, but not too tight. Check that the circulation is good. Then I would rub some vaseline up and into the leg scales to smother any mites.
Woops didnt see this before I posted lol. Do exactly what is said here ^^


In the Brooder
Nov 20, 2021
The scales of his legs appear to lifted. That happens due to scaly leg mites. Those mites are easy to get rid of. Just lather on some petroleum jelly or any oil, on his legs. The purpose is to suffocate the mites. Then again, I'm no expert.
Thank you!

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