Bumblefoot? Other Injury?


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Jul 7, 2016
Butters is limping. She can put full weight on it. Holds it up otherwise. She has been in the pool mostly. It doesn't look like bumblefoot, however I have never seen it in person. I think there is a split next to her middle toe.




I'm afraid I don't know much when it comes to this sort of thing, but I can say it really doesn't look like bumblefoot.
Spending lots of time in the water might be good for her. You could try giving her Epsom salt soaks, and/or putting Iodine on it? Is her leg extra warm or anything? That can be a sign of infection, just good to be aware of that. Good luck with her! I hope she gets better quickly, and you get a better reply than mine.
looks like bumble foot to me i had a duck that got it all the time and even if its a injury this treatment will work and it will work fast. soak foot in Epson salt bath (warm) well foot is still damp pour hydroxide all over foot and leg then spray with vetericyn and last but not lease antibiotic ointment with no pain relief. 2-3 times a day if you can get someone to help you it will make it much less stress full. hope that will help. P.s if you have pine trees make sure to pick up the pine cones.
At this point to me it looks like an injury. I would do pretty close to what quackers619 suggested - soak the foot, or at least wash it well with soapy water, and the first treatment, rinse with hydrogen peroxide if you have it. Follow that with antibiotic ointment, no painkiller. After that first time, I would switch to rinsing it with either saline solution or Vetericyn, then follow with the ointment again, and do that two or three times a day. I think that will keep it from getting infected and potentially becoming bumblefoot.

Glad you are keeping a close eye on the littles!

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