Bumblefoot Repeat =.=

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    I know I've seen threads about this several places, but can't quite find the answer I'm looking for.
    I have a hen, well two hens, who are like falling rocks when they jump off of high places that they aren't allowed to be on (which has since been closed off). They do so on a regular basis, and it recently developed into bumblefoot. Well, I knew that would have to get treated and luckily we have a vet around here that does said surgery. One of the hens was worse, so obviously I didn't expect her to heal as fast as the other. Well, after a while the one who didn't have it as bad was healed, and she no longer has to wear her "shoes". However, the other one STILL has it after two months and more than one surgery. I noticed one of her feet is nearly healed while the other still has a kind of sticky, unclear liquid that drained from the wound, and it's hot like there is another infection brewing. She also has a kind of hard mass on her foots palm, and on the right side of her foot is a small, dark bump. Could this be contributing to the continued infection? And I only think it's an infection because when I feel the other chickens feet, they don't feel hot, and are kind of squishy on the palm, and definitely not swollen, but neither are her feet.

    Another thing is, when she first got it, her feet were still squishy, but then they got hard and these kernals that apparently "shot out of the spaces between her toes" (vets words) developed, which were removed after her second surgery. And just recently the hard mass on her foots palm developed. She still acts like a normal, greedy, worm hungry, (human) head pecking chicken o.o eats whatever she so pleases, dust bathes, chases my cat, etc.

    Anyway! Should I open her feet and see what I get out, take her back to the vet (which will probably cost a lot of capital I don't have), or wait a few more day to see if it softens at all? I know these can be time sensitive =.= and still being fairly new to chickens, I'm really not sure.

    Any help is very much appreciated! Sorry for the long text...
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