bumblefoot surgery - didn't work... next step?


6 Years
Jun 20, 2016
I performed bumblefoot surgery on one of our hens two days ago. The scab was hard and I was able to cut it out. Cleaned and wrapped her foot - separated her from the flock in a clean cage. Think she must have had it for some time, although it didn't seem to be slowing her down. Did a full wellness check on our birds and noticed the black circle.

Post surgery: the hole already filled in, but there is a dark blackish circle where the scab was. I'm assuming she still has it. She is pretty feisty so I'm assuming she is ok from the surgery.

--- Did I not cut enough out? I had actually nicked her skin and there was a little bleeding, so I thought I got all of it. If not, how long should I wait to let her recoop before I put her through this again. Poor thing.

--- I'm wondering if an injectable antibiotic might be a better avenue. I have a vet who would be willing to help me figure this out.

I did bumblefoot surgery on one of our hens about four years ago and it went swimmingly. I'm not sure what my next step should be. Thanks for the help.

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