bumblefoot surgery done-results inconclusive

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  1. NattyK

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Well we did the bumblefoot surgery on our roo tonight. My partner is a real trooper, she did the cutting...I was going to take pics but she was as stressed as the roo! We used a new scalpel (ubersharp..be careful if you use one) to cut across the scab quite deep, as deep as she dared go. There was no pus but there was some foreign object in there, possibly wood, and under that a little round "thingy" that was white and about the size of a kernal of barley. I hope that was the bumble??? We held his leg under water and massged it gently to see if we could get anything else out because the lump is quite large. NO JOY! She even used forceps to hold it open and dig around. It bled and we massaged, decided he was stressed enough, we put Kwikstop on it, and used the sugardine to pack it, wrapped it up and put him back in the coop. We have been giving him 1/2 CC PenG. It hasn't helped the lump go down but his hocks look better. Sorry about no pics but since there was no pus I wasn't sure if they would help, like I said my partner had stage fright. All said it wasn't too bad with all the supplies assembled and ready to go. Will keep you posted, seems like lots of bumblefoot going around. Since the anitbiotics weren't helping we decided surgery was necessary. Thanks for all the input!
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    It should heal with the antibiotics you're giving him. Change the dressing daily and soak in warm saltwater or epsom salt, then repack with neoporin and bandage him up. It should heal within a weeks time. Sounds like yall did a great job to me!
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    Jul 13, 2010
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    i also have a concer, if someone could help me. one of my adult acquired SLW had started limping.. she already had a curled toe but i had noticed another toe had curled. upon inspection, her knuckle seems a little swelled but so did the original bent toe, so i dont know if i need to lance that.. ther eis no plug. there is a huge hard bubble on the pad of her foot. the plug came off somewhat easily without soaking it and it came out in a huge cylindrical piece, in a yellow color. no puss, not even blood!

    i dug around in there( it just looked like an empty shell of a foot) my peroxide was uneffective( someone must have left a cap off it and i was unprepared( no neo) so we left it til the next morning( we did it in the late evening). When we lookedat her again, the big shell of a pad had filled with what looked to be her "meat" seemed awful fast to me to do that. i found a few little yellowy pieces attatched to her foot "meat" -- it bled and all i gould figure is that she had a big foot pad like that before i got her because of the original toe. i packed it with neosporin, bandaged it up. i looked at it again the next day, seemed like there were more pieces of little yellow things in there, especially up under the "roof" of the previous foot pad shell and also a blackened ring around where the plug was, i determined this was probably the very outer lining of the plug that was there and i removed that. i worked with her so much that she bled and twitched.. i knew i was hurting her, but she didnt cry out.

    i have left her alone yesterday and i dont have a second pair of hands to help me with her today.. at earliest tonight, but i really need advice on what im looking at , or what to do?

    should i just keep neo and a bandage til its healed and let any infection thats still in ther return or should i keep rooting around// should i cut the whole hard ball off and see how she does?


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