Bumblefoot surgery gone wrong? Please help?!


6 Years
May 18, 2013
Palm City, Florida
Both of my hens had bumblefoot and I did the surgery. The one that had it the worst seems to be doing fine. The one that barely had it seems to have a problem. Her name is Beatrice. One of the bandages on her foot came loose the first day and it got dirt in it. I cleaned it out, but I am scared something got in there. I did the surgery four days ago Wednesday 9/4/13, and started them on Penicillin G (injections) on Thursday 9/5/13. Below is a picture of the leg I am worried about. It is red up the leg and very warm. I thought it might be because the vetrap on the leg was irritating it, but I have been putting gauze underneath the wrap, so I don't think that is it. I am worried that the infection has traveled up her leg. Her other leg seems fine. In the second picture you can see the little puncture wound in the pad. I really don't know what to do. I am scared it may be very infected.

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Though I recently did surgery on 2 of my chickens for it, I don't have much experience with bumblefoot surgery. How does the other leg look in comparison to the one with bumblefoot? Were you able to get the core out? You have them on the proper medication--penicillin for the staph. What dose are you using? It's possible the vet wrap was too tight.
This was a very mild case. There was no core even. The reason I even did it was because my other hen had a bad case and I figured I would do them together. I simply lanced both her feet to get Vetericyn in them. It is like a Neosporin spray for animals. The other foot is fine. No swelling, no redness, and it is pretty much closed up. I have them on Penicillin G with Procaine (1/4 cc) every day for 6 days. The Procaine is a numbing agent which slows the absorption but I couldn't find any feed store in the area that had Penicillin without Procaine. I am so worried it is staph running up her leg.

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