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    Jul 15, 2013
    I know people have mentioned betadine, hydrogen peroxide antibotics
    Can I give her baby Asprin crushed up. If so how many? To me the surgery would be painful and help with recovery. One you mess with surgey thier could be swelling. As for antibotics Where would I get some? To help with killing any more infection.Would a farm store like TSC have any? I know antibotics probably will cause diarrhea so I would give yogurt to help control it
    How long will it usually take to heal a chicken foot? How often and long should I keep rebandaging the feet? Her one foot was really bad. I was surprized how much infection I got out of it. To me with what I got out of it. She should be lame or dead she was just limping. Thank you foe your web site and information
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    This link has the aspirin dose and some information and links on using a particular topical antibiotic instead of surgery for bumblefoot. It's a link in the sticky in the Emergencies forum. What I've read by some members who have a lot of experience with it is, you only need to use something like Neosporin locally, that a systemic antibiotic isn't needed. This is a good thread on bumblefoot.

    Be sure when using topicals that you avoid any with "caine" drugs in it, such as cetacaine, benzocaine, etc.

    Good luck!

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