Bumblefoot surgery...please help GRAPHIC picture

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    Read the posts on bumblefoot surgery and attempted tonight on my 1yr old hen. Couldn't find a plug or any cheesy substance. Scab came off fairly easily, but all I saw was a pinkish tissue inside. Dug around a bit and didn't feel anything hard. Her foot is pretty swollen, about marble size between the toes. I thought maybe we needed to cut deeper, but this only caused more bleeding. Bandaged up for the night and waiting for replies so I can try again tomorrow. Maybe I should go in through the top? Here's a picture Thanks

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    Good luck!

    We did this too, one surgery after reading posts and watching a video of it. Our hen did heal some but foot was never exactly the same. We did give antibiotics with the penicillin shot and also isolated her, cleaned her and bandaged her until it scanned over. She seemed to enjoy the attention! We also cleaned wound and applied antibiotic gel stuff that a human would use. Not sure if we did all that was proper, but she did improve. In the end of summer however, we did sadly lose her and one other hen.
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    Dec 4, 2010
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    The two we lost, bumble and the second one, we felt was due to low calcium. Since then we have been giving extra oyster shells and we have seen improvements in all our birds! Comb color, egg shell hardness and no sick or bumble footed birds. Not sure if situations are or were related, but who knows!
    Perhaps it may help your little hen too.

    Good luck and hope she recovers quickly!

    Give an update sometime!
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    I had a hen with a bumblefoot looking swollen foot too. (same thing, the black scab came off pretty easily) I worked on her for over an hour squeezing and soaking - got some stuff out, but never a bumble. I bandaged her up with neosporin and she's been fine since. [​IMG]

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