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Bumblefoot surgery take TWO!

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by ND, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. ND

    ND Songster

    Jul 20, 2010
    Really...the rooster is going to sue me for malpractice... [​IMG]

    I attempted the bumblefoot surgery the first time... just mad a bloody mess, didn't pull any plugs out (couldn't find them/get them) and just ended up with a ticked off rooster.
    Scabs came right back on the feet.

    One foot is worse than the other. One, after peeling the scab off today, might be getting smaller... I didn't dig in it today.. just packed it with neosporin and wrapped it up.

    The other is quite bad, IMO. He began limping on it, slightly, every now and then...so surgery #2 took place tonight. Bloody hell... that's kinda what it was!
    It's basically the pad of his feet...and the bad one is probably at least twice the size it should be. The scab covered the entire bottom of the pad.

    I DID manage to get a small kernel of bumble out in one 'corner', but it seemed to me that there was more... like small ones in other places. There'd be small 'strings' of slightly off white material...but after cutting and digging, I just couldn't get anything or find anything else. Squeezed and picked and sqeezed and soaked... and bled the poor thing out from the foot, I swear... but nothing more.

    Perhaps I'm just not cutting deep enough... I sure wish someone that knew how to do bumblefoot surgery lived next door!

    Ultimately, I packed the foot in neosporin, wrapped it up good, and will medicate it again... I suppose only picking and digging at if if I seems something wants to pop out...

    I have also started him on Baytril (1/4 tablet orally)... maybe that'll help now, too.

    With as large as the pad is on that foot, I sure feel like there's either a bigger bumble in it... or one or two smaller ones like I dug out. The one I DID get out was maybe the size of a broken off pencil lead... not very big...not centrally located under the scab... and there were those 'strings' of material that made me feel like there was something they lead to...but I just wasn't FINDING it! Ugh!

    I'm open to any more suggestions... I'm trying like made to fix this before it gets too late and takes the bird's life! (He came to me with both these bumble feet... I'm not sure how long he had them--- no way to know) He also has one small lump lower down one his toe. Can't really see it from the top, but from the bottom you can. But it has no scab on it...so I didn't touch it-- but it's not "normal" either. Could it be a another bumble area starting, or just related to the bigger infection in his pad?

  2. ivan3

    ivan3 spurredon Premium Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Once the `scab' is removed is best to soak the foot in betadine/epsom salt/warm water for fifteen minutes or so (pus will float to surface if there is any), the pack with neosporin/drawing salve and dress. Digging any further than removal of obvious `plugs' can damage foot or move infection into uninfected areas (same with squeezing). It also promotes healing to keep the guy on soft bedding somewhere where he can't fly up onto, or hop down from roost.

    We treated our guy for a month (cephalexin 250mg bid instead of Baytril) before swelling completely receded. He still has scab/callus but no swelling or redness.

    Hang in there, they get used to treatments after a fashion [​IMG]


    (advice above is pretty much verbatim instructions from our vet - her undergrad degree was in poultry science).
  3. valsey

    valsey Songster

    Feb 5, 2010
    The ONLY thing that worked for a bad case of Bumblefoot for me was Colloidal Silver

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