Bumblefoot surgery unsuccessful and now his toe looks worse than before


Jul 23, 2020
My rooster had bumblefoot on two toes. We did one surgery and that toe completely healed so we went ahead and did the other one about a week and a half ago. We could not get his toe to stop bleeding and accidentally tied the wrap too tight. His toe looked really good when we changed the wrap the first time. The second time his toe was swollen, stiff, and purple. We changed it again this morning and pus started coming out so we tried to do the surgery again. There's no blood in the bumble which is now bigger than ever. We cut pretty deep and still no blood. On the sides and top of the foot there is blood. All of the skin on the bumble is dead. Should we cut the bumble off all the way? I'm worried his toe won't heal. What do I do?
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