Bumblefoot Surgery & Wrap


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Jan 6, 2021
My beautiful chicken Louise developed a bump on her foot and she was limping. It was called Bumblefoot when we looked it up. My boyfriend and I proceeded to clean and prep her foot with Epson salt, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Using a sterilized scalpel he put a cut down the front of the protrusion and then quickly pulled the growth out of the poor girls foot. It was a semi hard lump that came out rather easily and the hen was very good and wanted relief from this and laid on her side with my hand gently holding her and we spoke back and forth. She is a Blue laced red Wyandotte. Smart and quiet bird. Highly intelligent. Once it was out, we irrigated the empty pocket with wound cleaner and then I packed it with Neosporin. I placed a small pad with Neosporin on the outside and used strips of vet wrap and wrapped it around her foot careful not to cut off circulation and to cover all ages. I removed the bandage 6 days later cleaned it and wrapped with new clean bandages 6 more days and when removed it was excellent. She has no issues since.


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