Bumblefoot Surgery

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    Mar 3, 2016
    Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster. Anyways, I have a brown leghorn with bumblefoot. I've done a ton of reading and watching videos and decided to tackle the "surgery" myself. Anyways, yesterday, I soaked her foot in Epsom salt bath, cut away scab and went fishing for the core (massage, soaking, etc.) but I wasn't able to find anything that resembled the core I've seen in my research. I did cut a small incision in the top "bubble" which produced a soft, waxy yellow substance, but I'm thinking that was just the infection and not the core. In the main wound, there's a pink fibrous clump in the middle, but no matter how much massaging and working I do, it seems firmly attached to somewhere in the top of her foot. I'm not a huge fan of just aimlessly cutting in her foot. After about an hour (poor girl was a trooper!), I gave up and sprayed Vetryn in the wound, and covered it with Neosporin, a nonstick gauze and some vetwrap. Anyways, today, I unwrapped it, and resoaked it in Epsom salt bath and honestly, it looks exactly the same size as before the surgery (minus the huge black scab). I expected it to a least deflate a little. So I pulled out the tweezers and felt around and still didn't really feel anything hard, other than that pink fibrous clump. I massaged again, but nothing came out. I didn't really do a whole lot more than that because I was feeling bad putting her through 2 days of prodding. Anyways, I didn't get a chance to take pictures but this evening when I rewrap it, I'll try and snap one or two to post. Not sure what to do from here. She's not limping (wasn't before either). Should I just leave it be and keep soaking and applying vetryn spray? Or am I missing the core still? Any advice is appreciated!
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    Pictures will help.
    Where was it located? You mention a scab, but then a top "bubble" as well, was it in two places?
    Soaking and reapplying the veterycin won't hurt.

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