Bumblefoot? Swollen Left Foot...

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    Feb 13, 2008
    I have a rooster with a swollen left foot. I have had many people tell me its bumblefoot. I am unfamiliar with what bumblefoot is so I've been researching. It seems as if its almost impossible to cure this without surgery on the foot.

    Things I've done:

    1. Inject 1cc pencillin G into his thighs every night for about a week now.
    2. I've tried applying Neospirin and wrapping the swollen part.
    3. I've soaked it in cold water everynight for about 1 hour.

    Nothing seems to be working? What else can I do? Last thing I want to do is put my guy down.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Try the Search button at the top here thats in blue...type in Bumblefoot and alot of threads or posts should come up about it...I'm pretty sure if its bumblefoot there is an infected plug that needs to be operated on on the bottom of his footpad.....

    I've never done this...never had it happen so try the search...maybe someone else will chime in....
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    Apr 15, 2007
    Okay i've had this problem a couple of time from getting birds with some of them it just goes away eventually but others its like they are just plaged with it and cant get rid of it so it all depends on your bird but what you need to do is first get a designated clean area to keep your bird and you need to get all of the gunk out which is actually called the cheese and put peroxied in it to clean it out but don't due it every time just the first couple or it will kill the tissue and won't heal as well or quickly hope this helps
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Here are a few threads on it...if you are not acquainted with the type of treatment measures described then I suggest you go to a vet ... this will not clear up on its own and in most cases there is an abscess requiring excision... Diana

    .... excellent photos (same for chicken as a waterfowl)...with treatment description
    (scroll down to FOOT INJURIES AND BUMBLEFOOT-w/photos)

    Treatment of bumblefoot in raptors includes both nonsurgical and surgical. Wound management is often the most challenging aspect of treatment and is usually accomplished by application of ball bandages. These bandages consist of gauze sponges placed on the plantar surface of the foot that are incorporated into a bandage by wrapping the digits (using cast padding and an elastic nonadhesive dressing) in a circular-longitudinal fashion in a "ball" around the sponges. It is important to incorporate the distal tarsometatarsus into the bandage to support the phalangeal and tarsometatarsal joints and to use many sponges to provide adequate cushioning of the plantar surface. Ball bandaging with a dimethyl sulfoxide "cocktail" is often effective for treating mild cases of bumblefoot. The formula consists of 8 ml DMSO, 2 ml dexamethasone (2 mg/ml), and 2 ml piperacillin or carbenicillin (500 mg/ml). Other common topical medications include udder cream to soften the feet, and hemorrhoid medication to promote epithelialization. Sharon Lynn Deem, DVM, PhD - Compendium, April 1999



    .......I have noticed that the search function here is only going back a year...what is the point of saving all the threads when it only searches for results up to a year ago...most of the really detailed articles were posted more than a year ago only I can no longer access them with the search function...sorry.
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