Bumblefoot treatment-apparent success!


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
I have a Ply Rock that got a case of bumblefoot. It began with swelling between her toes. I was watching for the tell tale sore because I was not initially sure. We were gone for a few days of vacation and when we came back the sore had appeared. She did not have the sore before we left.

I noticed her picking at the foot the night before last and that is when I found the sore. It was scabbed over. After consulting posts on bumblefoot I decided to treat her. We soaked the foot in epsom salts and water. Once the scab came off it was a rather angry looking sore that was about 1/2" x 1/4". It did nor have the pasty pus that I have heard tell of. In fact, it did not really have any pus to speak of which tells me that I must have caught it early. I cleansed the wound, put a good amount of Neosporin and wrapped it in a dressing. I can't remember the name of it but it is stretchy and sticks to itself. I wrapped around and between her toes making a little booty.

We brought her in last night (24 hrs after treatment) to change the dressing. I was amazed when I removed the dressing. The wound was already healing over. There was no blood at all. It looked fantastic!

I will do the same tonight and I am hoping for still more improvement. So far everything looks really good!
Im glad it worked well for you. I am hoping we will have same results. we had one minor ( just black scab, no swelling) the other foot was pretty nasty, 2 black spots and another cut visible on the toe. I tried the soaking and wrapping for a week with pretty much no change, then a friend who works for a vet came and did the soak and surgery method, got a plug and yucky stuff out. I am hoping this will do it. I am keeping her wrapped a few days then will check the progress, so far no swelling of toes and she seems fine.

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