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We've just discovered, that our flock carries Bumblefoot. Through our research we've discovered, that it's a virus & are thinking about getting rid of the flock. Does anyone know if you remove the flock or source can you get rid of the virus with time & cleaning out the facility?

Thank you in advance for any information.
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bumblefoot is not a virus but infection that gets into chickens foot through a lesion...
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Bumblefoot is a term for a tiny cut or puncture of the foot that becomes infected with staphlococcus bacteria. There is usually hardened pus inside that can be removed by opening it up and squeezing the plug out. Also penicillin is sometimes used to treat it.
It is treatable! If this is what your flock has going on, and nothing else, it would be a shame to get rid of them. Check out the threads on it and you will certainly find some options. Have a dry and clean run can also lessen the chances for occurrence.
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Dear Kimmy,

I always use the following procedure to cure Bumble foot

1 . If black scale is present , generously apply petroleum jelly and bandage.
2. Orally give Velosef (Cephradine). Its an antibiotic and i always get 100 % results in three days. It dries up abcesses.
3. Dosage of cephradine in severe cases should be 30 - 35 mg /Kg body weight
4. Change bandage every day.

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