Bummed....another eBay transaction gone bad....

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    Last week I sold some bantam eggs. I packaged them as I always do and mailed them off. Friday I get an email from the person I sold them to saying that all of the air cells are ruptured (the box is in perfect shape) and how disappointed they were. I explained that once they leave here it's not my fault--especially since all of the eggs were in-tact and the box was just fine. I offered more eggs for just the cost of shipping....but warned it might be a while since all of my girls are molting right now and this was only the second auction I'd offered of these eggs this year...mostly because I was working on my own breeding stock and these birds are very poor layers...the worst I have.

    So this morning I open my email and find that they wrote me back and called me rude, told me how long they'd been hatching eggs and how sorry of a packer/shipper I am and lastly threatened me with negative feedback.

    I have been shipping/buying on eBay since the 90s and I have 100% positive feedback. I responded to this person with that--along with an offer for another shipment of eggs at my cost and with their suggested packing....no response.

    I haven't received the feedback yet but it sucks that as a seller I cannot leave them negative for being completely unreasonable. [​IMG]
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    Oct 5, 2010
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    I am so sorry, I have also been on ebay a while and would state I think the whole process is different than it used to be but I have still basically had great success both buying and selling. If I have ever had a problem, I have almost always been able to resolve it with email and talking to people. In fact, I loathe leaving a negative feedback, but have done it once to an out of country seller who would not even respond to email and had already had numerous similar complaints prior to mine (I didn't read enough and only lost 16 dollars). I didn't want anyone else to have same problem. Got no reply from then I think they disapeared.

    I hope that your offer helps. I have never been involved in egg buying. I have noted as I have done transactions recently they are really putting a lot more questions on what you thought of seller than they ever have before. This is one of those things though that you cannot control. If there is a negative, I would be a nice statement in return that you offered to resolve the problem, but buyer was not interested. Leave it at that. I see many people banter back and forth on whose fault the entire thing is, I would put it out there and walk away.
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    I wouldn't worry too much. As a buyer, I always search the reviews. Even if someone has 100 percent positive, doesn't mean I'm going to buy from them (a not uncommon powerseller tactic is to sell a whole bunch of cheap items, get positive feedback, then suddenly offer a really expensive item and rip off the buyer), and even if someone has some negative hits, it doesn't mean I won't buy from them. It just means I'll read what was said and assess it in regards to past feedback. It is the same on Amazon. Half the negative reviews are along the lines of, "I didn't read the box to see that batteries were not included, and now I'm enraged, enraged!". So yeah, if you had one irate person and many more people pleased with your service, I'd still be buying me some eggs. Still, it is frustrating, and also uncomfortable to be faced with another's irrationality and outrage. Hugs for that!
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    Ebay seller to ebay seller let me say First and Foremost , If a buyer is not "satisfied" they cannot say "give me a refund / Free stuff / Etc etc-or else ill leave you negative feedback" <-- This is called "FEEDBACK EXTORTION" and Ebay has a very strict Zero Tolerance Policy -
    if you call them they will be more than happy to investigate it - looking into how many other sellers this person has done this to , and they usually will remove that persons feedback entirely and give them a warning.

    Bottom Line : You cannot control how rough the postal service is with packages. You did right by offering her , as a courtesy , some more eggs when they come into stock.

    So , call Ebay and let them know about this Feedback extortion!

    I do not ship Chicken eggs so I am not familiar with the standard shipping method used , but I have seen at USPS (plenty of times) packages & boxes marked "FRAGILE" all over it being tossed, slammed , and dropped onto the counters , scales & bins. Maybe at the buyers cost ,they can have it shipped differently.
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    can sellers definitely not leave negative feedback on a buyer when what this guy did is definitely negative?[​IMG]

    woud personaly leave him a negative saying something like- the buyer had been very unreasonable,the eggs and box had been perfect prior to leaving,the auction had clearly mentioned that responsibility was not mine once the eggs had left the farm but as a gesture of goodwill have left him a message stating woud replace his eggs with some new ones for free which he has so far ignored.
    he has ignored any sensible discussion to work this out,and instead has chosen to be incredibly rude, his imagination is rather highly strung as he made up abuse towards him out of thin air.

    dont let him put off from ebay,luckily we are not all like that.
    its a pity how bad buyers have permenently changed the way sellers operate on ebay,like with stricter rules-minimum feedback,only certain payment methods etc.

    that guy must be on the rag [period],tell him to go get a bucket of ice cream and chill the frig out.

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