Bumps on face and her face looks swollen.

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    Jul 31, 2010
    One of my 12 week old chicks has bumps on her face and one side even looks swollen. There is also a line on top of her head like her head was caught in something. I'm not sure if is a cold or from her head being caught. She isn't sneezing but I heard another chick sneeze. What should I do? I have her by her self now. What antibiotic should I use? Thanks
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    Quote:Here's a link with some common health issues. Could be a few different things. Difficult to tell with so little info.


    It's good you separated. I would only start anti-biotics if you know what's going on (different antibiotics work on different diseases) or if you are throwing everything possible at it, because it is dying.

    Good luck


    BTW- Welcome to byc.

    Maybe someone can help if you answer these questions.

  3. It is fowl pox season....
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    Yep, fowl pox is in full swing.

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