Bumps on wings!!?? Please help PICS

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    Gave my 2 week old ducklings their bath today and while they were wet i noticed that 2 out of the 3 have these red areas on their wings. Just like right at the top of the wing to and it goes all the way down to the tip. One duckling is worse that the other. It just looked red when looking at it and when i check them it was raised areas like a bump and it looked pretty irritated. The 3rd one doesnt have it though but he is darker so i dont think i could see it on him if it was there. Im not really sure what this is because my other 2 ducklings never went threw this when they were growing. They are only 2 weeks old and still completly fuzz so i didnt think it could be them pulling it out or fighting could it? They were all hatch mates and have always gotten along. I have never seen them fight once or try to pull anything out. Can anyone help me?

    Sorry camera on phone so i hope that you can see but they look alot worse in person. They are red, raised, and bald, and look very irritated. And they get very mad when i touch them. Couldnt move all the fuzz out of the way because they were actually trying to nip at me and get away.


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    Almost looks like where they might be trying to get through a fence? but you probably don't have them in one yet. If the other duckling doesn't have them { I'd catch the lil bugger} and give it a good look, then that one could be doing it to it's siblings. Do you have something like Neosporin [w/o]pain relief? then spread it on these areas and see if it helps. I also use Vetericyn It's quite pricy but well worth it. It is for Wound and infection, comes in a spray. After they have their bath and are dry either spread ointment or spray Vetericyn that way it stays on a good while. There is a pecking order among ducks too so it could be you have an Alpha duck already. Also what bedding are you using? make sure it's clean and what food are they eating?
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    Could be from just growing and the skin pulling across the bone. My chicks have gone through a stage like that, and all it was, was tight skin. If you want you can rub vasaline on them to lessen the outside irratation.
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    It is possible there is a nibbling duck in the group, but it is just as likely a bit of irritation just because the down doesn't protect the edge of the wings very well. I like the idea of petroleum jellie if it is just red skin or neosporin if the skins looks broken or bleeding. then just keep an eye on it.
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    Quote:No fence yet lol. They are in my bathtub and have old towels as bedding. They get changed out and washed twice a day and i have them on a duck starter (20% protien) and a niacin and vitamin supplement in the water. I did catch the other one today and he is darker skined so i didnt see the red on him but i did see the same balding.

    I have never seen any of them fight or pull at each other since they day i got them. They have always gotten along and i have not had any problems. They are 2 weeks and i have had them since the day after they hatched. I hope you guys are right and its just them growing and some neosporin will solve this. I am going to try that now.

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