Bunnies and Chicks


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
Does anyone else let their chicks hang out with bunnies? I let my bunnies iinto the run during the day and return them to the hutch at night. After the initial startle - one of the funniest sights ever - there has been no fussing at all. I often find a little "pile" of silkies and bunnies crashed out for naptime in the afternoon. Any health or safety reason not to that I haven't thought of?
{Ooooh - I hope not
- it's really fun to hang out with everyone at once!}
Thanks Chickflick!
I'll get a good pic tomorrow. We just had a mini-monsoon and the bunnies went back to the hutch to ride it out.
It's pretty cute when the chickens and bunnies are eating together. I love it cuz the bunnies are not stuck in a little hutch all day. They get to run and play, too!
Yes, PLEASE do post pics!!

I was wondering, what about the bunnies' eyes? My Peppi (a lop mix) would like to make friends with my house chickies, but they're either genuinely interested in his eyes, or are plain aggressive, like today my almost 2 month old Greta gave him a peck on the forehead when he just innocently tried to sniff her.
I actually free range my bunnies and bantam cochins together, they hang out and nap together, and get along swimmingly. The bunnies have a small deck they live under that has several escape holes in case something tries to go after them, and the cochins get shut up at night in the old bunny hutch. I haven't had a problem yet, it helps to have a mean old redneck neighbor that has free range rabbits and chickens as well, he takes care of all the predators for me.

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