Jun 2, 2017
Hey all,
Once again my time spent researching has given me no answers so I turn to the experts here on BYC. This time, however, I'm asking about my bunny. Oliver is the newest addition to our family and I picked him up at Rural King. The most they new was he was at least 10 weeks. (That's all the info they have on their bunnies- found out he was a "he" at his vet appointment) the vet also told us his testes had dropped and he was good to be neutered. Anyway, he was in a bin labeled "mixed lops". I'll post some pictures of my little guy for you all to look at and take your guesses on age or breed! I know that determining these things, especially age in rabbits, is not an exact science, I just know that many of you will have more experience with them than me. (Ps hes been with me for 2 weeks now and is doing great. Litter training goes well when his door is closed but not when he has free range in the living room Haha.)

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