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My Burban red hen is 18 months old and isn’t laying she is penned with a Tom that I bought with her same age no eggs what can I do to insure she lays in the spring
If you are in the northern hemisphere, your Bourbon Red turkey hen should not be laying at this time of year. They are seasonal layers. My hens begin laying in the middle of March and depending on the situation may continue laying eggs into October.

Feed them a good quality All Flock feed with oyster shell available free choice. It can be beneficial to add a quality poultry vitamin to their water beginning in February to make sure they are good and healthy in the spring for the upcoming laying season.

Be sure to check out the Turkeys forum.

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Welcome to Backyard Chickens. I think you would enjoy visiting the "Turkey forum on BYC. Just go to the forums spot at top of this page & scroll down till you reach it, then click on.

007Sean had a very knowledgeable turkey, years ago that helped him when he was working on his car. I think the turkey handed him the right tools. They are smarter than they look.


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I think @R2elk has given you the best advice.
Good luck with your turkeys!

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