Burrowing chicks and flying chicks


5 Years
Jan 1, 2015
At 5 days old, my girls have realized their wings do something and have started taking mini-flights around their brooder. I moved them in to something with higher walls just to be safe. Anything else I should do to keep them safe?

Also, I've noticed some divots in their bedding. Upon closer examination, it turns out a few of them are burrowing in the chips for their naps. Does that mean something? Are they cold?

Typical chicks :p making sure they can't fly out or get themselves wedged in something is all you can do. The "burrowing" is just them making themselves comfortable (wait till they get in dirt/sand...oh my!). If they're huddled under the heat light they're too cold, but if they're active, running around and spread out (without panting or looking like they're trying to get away from the heat) they should be fine.
How high are the "higher walls"? A cover is going to be your best friend in the days ahead - something that allowed air to flow freely through it while still keeping the birds where they belong - such as poultry netting, a screen, etc. Often they figure out how to fly up and out before they figure out how to fly up and back in, so a little one that escapes can become too far removed from the heat source in the brooder and/or find other ways to get into serious trouble outside the safety of the brooder.
You have received excellent advice. The Learning center above, is a great first step in chicken education.
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