Burrr cold outside here in MI sharing pics of part of our flock

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    May 24, 2009
    Temperance, MI
    Our sweet neighbors gave us this old play house that was on their property when they bought their house to use as a rooster coop.

    Here is Hawk our EE roo he is the oldest roo we have he's about 7 months old.

    On top here is Spike our BO roo nd below him is Banner our Blue/Splash Cochin

    This is our Cuckoo Marans Roo... we did name him but then we forgot what it was...lol

    Here are some of the girls they are starting to give us up to 11 eggs a day [​IMG]


    One of our Cuckoo Marans pullet's second egg

    A bit of my frozen back yard
  2. Hollywood Chickens

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    Mar 12, 2009
    I love your nesting boxes, did you make them?
    cute rooster house, I also have a playhouse for my chickens!
  3. Serrin

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    Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Now, may I give you a nickels worth of free advice? I noticed that you insulated the soffits so that the cold Michigan wind can't get in and you used chicken wire to hold it back. That's a good thing. But, if you'll notice, it's still close enough for them to peck at it and pull some out. Trust me, they will eat it!

    We had a slight problem with this same issue in our coop until we sheeted over the entire interior with OSB. DH and I are in a cold climate too, and had insulated the entire coop as it's a bit large for the number of girls that live there [​IMG] Anyway, you might want to do something about that insulation soon. Just take a stick and shove it a bit further back so that they can't reach it. [​IMG] Better to be safe than sorry.

    Thanks again for sharing the pics. That little play house sure makes the perfect chicken house! [​IMG] What a great way to re-purpose something!

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