Burying Hardware Cloth. Necessary?

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    We are finishing up our first coop. The frame around the base of the coop/run is 2x4s. Do we need to extend the hardware cloth beyond the bottom 2x4 frame and bury it into the ground by 4-6 inches to keep predators from digging under? We live in North Carolina, there is a very small wooded area behind our property. We have heard owls (the coop has solid roofing), we have seen coyote droppings, and have heard raccoons before. Likely possums around too. Our neighbors pit bull gets out occasionally. We plan to call animal control the next time this happens.
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    You will want something to dig- proof your coop, or bad things will happen. An apron of hardware cloth under stone or concrete slabs will work, and so will an actual foundation. Think about two 100 lb. dogs, down to rats and weasels, trying to get your chickens! Its hard to overbuild, and easy to underdo and have disasters. Mary
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