Burying hardwire??

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    I built a brand new coop last fall for some chickens we got. I built the coop about 18 inches off the ground with a covered run. Under the coop all around and all around the run I buried hardwire cloth 14 inches down. Now with the freeze and thaw and freeze the cloth has all buckled up! What have you guys done with your buried cloth? Does it buckle up on you too?

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    I don't have the freeze and thaw problems that you do, but I anchored my cloth with medium river rock, gravel and soil. On the inside of the foundation timber I folded the hardware cloth up, nailed it to the foundation timber, and then drilled for and drove 3/8" galvanized landscape spikes through the timbers and hardware cloth into the packed ground. then I filled the inside with sharp gravel that I packed, with sharp sand over that, compacted, and river sand over that, compacted.

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