Bush hogging revealed nest...now I have 10 babies!!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by critters, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. I posted 2 weeks ago that while workers ran over a nest bush hogging it revealed a nest of 14 guinea eggs as well
    as injured momma guinea......

    well I now have 10 guinea keets that look identical to each other and was a welcomed surprise Wednesday morning.[​IMG]
    Got up, looked in the bator to see little brown babies snozing away....never had them all hatch at once before...so neat!
    well, almost all....2 were cracked by the mower, one went bad and one just didn't hatch.
    Momma is also doing better but that is still going to be a long recovery road for her.
    I have the keets in the brooder with momma in a hospital tote next to them. Momma watched them for 2 days, staying
    by one side of the tote and staring at them....only this morning has she finally moved from her spot.Wanted to put a baby
    in with her but worried it might get hurt since momma doesn't get around well.....

    I have no pictures to share as my daughter has my camera but will try and share soon.

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    Congrats on a successful save... 10 out of 14 traumatized eggs is a pretty dang good hatch [​IMG]
  3. Thanks! just wanted to share the news.....

    the babies are all Pearl Grays and real cuties!!
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    So, Share the pictures too. Congratulations


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