Business Cards...anybody have any?

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  1. Im thinking about getting some business cards, to include with egg orders, to have on hand at shows/swaps, etc. I was printing some out to stick in with my egg orders, but saw that has 500 cards for $10. Anybody use them before?

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    No but they look fine to me. It looks like their troubles with the Vertrue/credit card thing (that I see on ConsumerAffairs) ended last year.

    I would have no problem ordering from them - but would check my bank account / paypal balance like a hawk (not that I don't already though) after the transaction. has some coupons that may or may not be useful to you.


    I have used before, but for text only business cards. Nothing to report there, they did the job cheaply and quickly.


    If I did have pictures I wanted to use, I'd probably end up going with MOO because I've heard nothing but good things about them for years and years. Fantastic full color printing, from your own photos. The cost is a lot higher than the two above companies though.
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    I've used them for years. never a problem.
    I get cards, magnetic signs, T-shirts etc...
    They make you verify what you want several times before you can "order" so any mistakes are YOUR fault. LOL

    You can choose their backgrounds or upload your own(for a fee).
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    I've usd them and they are pretty good for the price.

    Staples also has specials quit often and you get them while you wait.

    If you just wanted to print some out quickly you can design your own at and save a copy there and on your pc to use for another time.
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    I've been ordering from Vistaprint for years. Business cards both plain and glossy, address labels, hats, postcards, all kinds of stuff. Always inexpensive and great quality. My most recent order of address labels came in a paper envelope that got wet in the mail. I complained that they should have been wrapped better and they apologized and immediately sent me a replacement order. Later it turned out the wet labels dried and were fine, and since they didn't ask me to return them, I essentially ended up with a double order. I have no complaints with them and recommend them all the time.

    My only word of caution is that they print EXACTLY what you type, so be careful about typos. They don't correct spelling or spacing errors, so just triple check your proof before you hit the order button.

    Good Luck!

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