Business Names, Any Ideas?


Dec 19, 2018
Carlisle, Kentucky
My husband and I have been in the chicken business in the past and after about five years of not having chickens we are finally in the position to purchase and raise egg and meat chickens again. As it was in the past, we have had an overload of requests for 'eating' eggs, 'hatching' eggs, and whole chickens.

We plan to provide these services just like we used to but we need to change our business name. My husband and I are recently married and we no longer want to use McCarty Farms as that is my mother/father in-laws farm name. Any name suggestions, funny or serious, would be greatly appreciated.



Feb 5, 2018
Feather Falls, CA
A Business name is a very personal thing. Use your favorite chicken's name maybe. Like "Henrietta Farms". Or name it after the name of your property. If the Tompkins owned it for 50 years and now you have it name your business "Tompkins Farms". I don't know. I'm sure you will find just the right name. We named our farm for our most favorite dog. His name was Sergeant Mickey Peppercorn. So our farm and business is called "Peppercorn Acres". Let us know what you decide! :hugs

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