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Feb 2, 2011
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Thank you to fowlweatherfriends sticky post on helping remove a chick from her egg. I had one that zipped 1/2 around the shell, 36 hours ago and quit. Was still alive and pipping but didn't seem to make too many attempts to get out. I had another chick hatch yesterday morning and while the hydrometer said it was 55% the poor thing wasn't drying out by that evenig. Hard decision because that baby needed to dry out and other needed the moisture. I dropped the humidity to 50%, what I felt was safely the lowest I should go for the other chick. The chick that was out finally dried out mostly and I busted him out this morning (day 25), then found fowlweatherfriends instructions and I helped that poor 1/2 zipped chick. She was awkwardly positioned in there that I think made it hard for her to continue to zip. I soaked the stuck area with the que-tip and worked at just removing the shell around making the zip. She moved a bit but not helping. I removed more shell from the bottom (leaving the membrane in tact). When I got to the bottom I put her back in the bator and let her finish, which she did!!! She's chirping away, and as soon as she dries I'll put her with the others and then water test the few that are left and I'm actually hoping I'm done! I'm so exhausted from 5 nights of checking on and battleing with humidity and temp and the sick chick that died, that last night, I slipped going UP the stairs and hit my knee on the stair so hard I can hardly walk today! I was in a car accident a few years ago and need back surgery so I was glad I was going UP and just hurt my knee! Geez, I need to go back to work! This is exhausting!

Thank you all for all the help and support. I wouldn't have the chicks I have of this impossible hatch if it wasn't for this forum.
I think I'm just talking to myself here....but that's OK
but I water tested the rest of my eggs and they all floated at the proper level for viable eggs...but they're at 25 days.....and I was sure that one when candled at day 16 wasn't fertile.....so I'm not sure what to think...or do...I'll answer myself later.
Glad your chick is doing well! Good for you helping her out

I have not tried hatching yet- but I know if I do it will be impossible to get me away from the bator!
I read the Whole thing so you are not talking to yourself. Last year I had to help some chicks also. I just had 2 that I should have helped because they were peeping away in the shell when I went to bed. I thought when I got up the next morning I would have chicks. They were almost out but were dead when I got up. Opened them up and all yolk was absorbed. This happens but I was letting Nature take its course.

Good Luck with your other eggs! I cannot answer you question so hopefully someone will help out!

Its okay to answer yourself. I do it all the time! Ha Ha
I read it too....I just have no advice to offer. Hope everything works out and you have lots of chicks...maybe they are just slow growers.
Way to go

I had to help my very first hatch ever ...and was like..no I can't do this

But like u said with all the amazing people here..we got thru it,
Of course that chick turned out to be the man in the group...and the only frizzle
But has a very happy home
Thank you everyone for responding. I try to run down the row on the forum and see if there are any that have had no responses, and answer if I can, especially when they are asking questions that are urgent, even if I can't help them because I know what it's like to be in that helpless situation.

Thanks for responding to my pitty pool!

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