9 Years
Sep 5, 2013
So today I was "off" work but on call due to things going on at work so I had to stay home. to prevent boredom I talked to friends and family on FB, spent time here and designed a small chicken coop using salvaged wood from Pallets.

While working on the design my lovely wife walks in because she didn't hear typing but heard music instead. I do that when I am taking an online test for work, designing something, coming up with things to do to my jeep, or as she puts it "up to some form of no good" She likes the tests because it gets me promotions and raises but everything else is bad because I want to spend money lol.

She seen me hard at work with all sorts of goodies (ruler, graph paper, pencils ect) and she walks up behind me wraps her arms around me and looks over my work. I learned two very valuble lessons 1 I stink at math, 2 My wife can read my thoughts.
she promptly stated "I hope you are not planning on getting chickens because you are wrong." I looked at her and asked he how did she know thats what I was up to. She said "with those measurements the coop would be too small for a farm, and all I hear you talk about is Dutch Bantams and "chipminks"" (thats what I call Phoenix chick due to the stripe down their backs). Then she proceded to tell me how my math was off. I should have never married a smart woman, A teacher at that! LOL
Hahahhahaha....... she will love them when they come and when they begin laying fresh healthy eggs for you...
I've been married to a mind reader for almost 50 years.
Makes a guy behave and think pure thoughts.
I've been married to a mind reader for almost 50 years.  :barnie    Makes a guy behave and think pure thoughts.

Mouwahahhaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha...... that's entirely toooooooo funnnyyyyyyy..... can your wife really read your mind???
She can to a certain degree read my thoughts. I know that this happens with common thinking among people who have been together a long time, but this goes into realms and thoughts where her mind would not normally wander. Her grandmother was 'caravan Gypsy' from Hungary- inherited capabilities? One evening we were traveling home on a country road and she said, "Slow down". I did , and as we rounded a bend there was a car accident with a vehicle on it's roof. Police and EMT were there so we went by. She said, "I saw that, but I thought that it was us".

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