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    Jun 29, 2010
    So I just had to share this little gem with you guys.

    Background info: Two friends of ours and their 6 yr old daughter are moving in with us in about 3 weeks. We've all been over at "the other house" as it has been labeled working to get it ready pretty much every day the past month. My chickens and goats are already moved in and we'll be following them over shortly. It's only a couple miles across town for now.

    So last night my friend is puzzling over what to pack for her husband's lunch today as we've all been grabbing meals as we can while working and there aren't any "left overs" for him to take today. Up pops the girliest girly girl of a 6 yr old, blond haired blue eyed, all in purple and pink and fairie princess power everything, "Mom, just give him chicken." Thinking she's referring to the cold chicken a friend dropped off for lunch my friend tells her daughter that there isn't any left. BIG sigh... "NO Mom. The chickens at the other house. You just drive over to the other house (it is already 8:50pm), kill a chicken and take the feathers off. Then you cook it and Daddy can take it for lunch." My friend is standing in the kitchen slack jawed at this. "Mom, really this is NOT hard."

    Well... I guess now we know she won't have an issue when it is time to thin the roosters.
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    Out of the mouths of babes.... You just got to love how simple it is to them.
  3. Children seem to take it better than many adults I know. The idea of having food walking around in your yard until you're ready for it feels right to them. I worry less about the kids in a post-catastrophe world than I do the adolescents and grownups.

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