Butchered my colored rangers and turkeys yesterday


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Sep 24, 2009
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Did 38 of my CR on Sat. Also did 2 burbon reds, 2 bbb, and my bbw. The chickens are real good. We smoked 3 Sat. night and my buddies cooked there turkeys on Sun. One roasted, one deep fryed.
Here is a link to the you tube video of our assembly line.

Here is the birds smoked up


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Great video, you sure made it look alot easier than I make it look.

I am going to try cutting them your way to clean them out. I only made a few small cuts around the vent area initially and stuck my hand inside to clean them out. That wasn't easy on some of the smaller birds.

Was that a Whiz Bang? Where did you get your plucker from and dare I ask the price?
Thats my buddies plucker. He bought parts and built it himself. I think it was like 400-500 in materials.
I seen the pics and thought they were from when you just got done.... I thought what happend to them??

Then I saw the beer... and these were post killing pics. LOL. It makes it nice when you have some friends willing to help.

By the way I've never smoked one of my chickens and those look really good. How long did you cook them for?
The rule is if they buy a couple birds or I raise them a turkey, they help butcher. I think they cooked for 2-3 hrs. I was not in charge of that. My buddy who is not into the butchering spearheaded that. I keep getting handed chickens and PBR until both were gone.
I keep getting handed chickens and PBR until both were gone.

Now that is the truth.... that should be your signature!

But that is the way that I get my friends to help as well.... cookout... free birds & eggs... beer... and of course music... But in all reality if you ever need anything done isn't this always the way to get free help?​
They were pretty shocked when I did the first one to show them the ropes. The first 5-7 were in the scalder a little longer than they should have been. The skin was tearing in the plucker. When They got the hang of it and 4-5 beers in, we were flying. The first one got it around 11:30 ( late start, I wanted them over at 930 ), we did the 38 chickens and 5 turkeys. We were cleaned up and eating the 3 smoked birds by 6.
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so where does the chlorox fit in with cooking? Congrats on the help and get together though.
Haha, that's how we butcher too! I'm assuming that's seasoning on them in the picture? At first glance, I thought it was blood, and I was wondering what the heck happened!

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