Butchered my first bird today....


8 Years
Dec 28, 2011
Buckley washington
Thanks to having neighbors from H...eck.... I knew that having a rooster crowing obsessively would only result in them making more phone calls to the county. They have already called animal control AND code enforcement on me. No violations were found EITHER time btw... which brought out a screaming fit by my neighbor at the code inspector (giggles@grouchy old man).

SOOO long story short... every time my rooster crowed.... I would cringe. He only started crowing about 2 weeks ago... and was proving to be obsessive at it. ALL FREAKING DAY LONG... and well into the night as well. We looked for a home for him but after two no shows for pick ups and the feed store being too full to take him... well... I referred back to youtube.

I had been watching youtube videos rather obsessively on this subject just 'in case' well... I woke up this morning early and told husband that I was going to butcher the rooster and he wigged out to put it mildly. So he spent the morning hiding in his office watching a movie with the volume up high. Honestly... it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. I had built up such a fear of doing it wrong that I thought I would not be able to follow through. Also... for most of my life I was vegetarian/vegan. *seriously!* well... I had isolated the boy since yesterday morning with no food (I gave him water) and once I opened the cage I just grabbed him, flipped him upside down, hung him upside down, and I tried to find the jugular but I couldn't with his thick boy feathers on his neck so I ended up just taking his whole head off. Not the way I had intended to do it but I just needed to do it quickly. I should have tied his wings into his body or something because he did flap around alto and he did end up spraying blood all over the place... including up the roof support beam on the back of the house. I scalded him (thankfully I had the water already heated and sitting next to me), and got to work plucking him. It was kinda hard to do because of all the little feathers that didn't want to come off. Well they aren't feathers... more like hair. Now I see why people use a blow torch!

I had a hard time trying to clean him because I think for some reason I was trying to be precise and gentle...well that didn't work. I finally just cut into him, reached up and yanked... and low and behold... done. Hardest part was when I was piecing him out, I had a hard time getting through the shoulder areas. I couldn't find where the separation is between the bone so I just cut through them.

He was a phoenix so there honestly wasn't much meat on him but for hubby and I who aren't major meat eaters.. that's not a problem. We have been thinking about ordering a bunch of meat birds for next year. I think we will do it ;) We probably wont butcher them ourselves... or shall I say.. myself.. but I think I like the idea of knowing exactly what they ate and how they were raised verses store bought. I never realized how pale and nasty looking store bought chicken really looked till now. Will let you know how home raised tastes tonight.

We are going to do Tandoori chicken tonight ;) *hubby is from India so yes... it will be REAL tandoori chicken*
congrats, just one piece of advise, you might want to wait til tomorrow night, let the bird rest. we raise meat birds and let all of our customers to let them rest before eating, they may be tough.
Congrats on your success! Definitely ditto on waiting at least 24 hours for rigor mortis to pass. You can seal it up, and most folks on here probably do, but I just cover lightly with wax paper. Give it another good rinse under running water before using or freezing.

Just think - the first time is always the hardest, so you'll figure out the anatomy and so on soon enough.
I am not sure how I will do the first time (but with only 8 birds, and at least 3 already showing to be male, it WILL happen) but I know I have back up. My nephew thinks he wants to do most of the work, and my husband will be there too. The camera crew (I wouldn't be surprised. No one thinks I can do it) may even step in if necessary. So I am now wavering between keeping the chickens tame, or staying impersonal. I have "pretty" chickens, and I am getting kinda fond of them. I am now re-thinking that wisdom. Did you cry at all? Feel like "this is my baby!"?
Yup. It is gonna be camera worthy. Keep your eyes open for a video of an insane woman sobbing with a headless bird clutched to her chest, refusing to let anyone near come early September!

BTW, Congrats on getting it done! How is hubby doing?
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No.. no crying. Just spent about a week trying to mentally prepare myself. I do have a bad problem with adrenaline though. ANY little bit and I start to shake uncontrollably. Its so bad that if someone startles me.. I have to sit down... or risk falling down. One thing I can NEVER be accused of is having nerves of steel! Nerves of jello is more like it!!! So I was REALLY worried that one look at blood and I was going to hit the floor. In anticipation of the shaking I set everything out in order before I bought the bird out of his crate. When I did the initial umm... deed... I did start shaking badly for a good 5 mins after wards. So the whole time I was trying to pluck I ended up just playing 'catch the spinning upside down chicken' lol

My mom and gramma were shocked that I did it.... they both said over and over... you... the VEGAN... you BUTCHERED YOUR OWN BIRD?!

hehehe *grins* I think vegans around the world would hate me right now worse than they do normal carnivores. ;) hehehe yes ... oh yes... I think I will be raising my own meat birds now.
AmyLN I think you are awesome!!
I have 8 hens and have yet to do one in. My husband and I have watched the videos, so we think we are ready. Let us know how the dinner turned out!

Lisa :)
LOL well.. I'm ashamed to say that my husbands tandori chicken... was more like tandori chicken jerky. Apparently he thought since our oven is dyeing that he needed to turn up the oven by 100 degrees... but not check it. GRRRRRRRR. HUSBANDS!

*sigh* so.. I feel really guilty. We ate it anyway. but umm... it was not exactly the best.
I tried butchering a chicken once, Well I helped telling husband to cut here and tear there. Scrap it out, start here, you get it I am sure. I took it straight in to cook. Didnt know I was suppose to let it rest. It was so tough even my dogs couldnt chew it. I thought it was too old or maybe the kind but guess my problem was not letting it sit overnight. I have 20 8 week chicks showing signs of being several roosters in the bunch so now I know what to do. I have 2 young roosters that are ready right now from last hatch.I have been really anxious to see if they turn out tender.

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