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    How long can I keep my turkeys in the fridge before Thanksgiving? I really want to enjoy a fresh turkey so I didn't want to freeze them. Or, if I butcher them now or early November and put in freezer are they still fresh? They free range daily. My broad breasted white is huge now. My midget whites and 2 others are getting to a decent size now too. I appreciate your thoughts on this!
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    I put mine in an ice chest with ice water, lots of ice, and 1/2 cup of salt overnight or up to two days after processing. This lets them age a bit. The salt keeps water much colder and salt helps draw the blood out the meat. As for keeping in fridge, I would only hold 2-3 days max at 40 or below.

    Good luck! [​IMG]
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    I would butcher on Saturday, or Sunday before Thanksgiving, then let it rest until Wednesday, at which time, I'd put it in a salt water brine until it is ready for the oven! This will give you a fresh bird that is extremely moist, and tender. Roast it at about 250-275* for about 5-6 hours depending on the size.
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    That's what we do, process the weekend before and hold in the fridge until Thursday
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    ok - so
    - process Sunday
    - rest (in the fridge) Sunday thru Wednesday
    - Wednesday evening remove from fridge and place in ice water bath

    sound correct?
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