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  1. kesrchicky16

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    Dec 13, 2016
    I have some duel propose birds that have outlived their high production egg years and one that is breaking and eating eggs. I also have 2 immature drakes that need to go. I have someone wanting the birds for soup but they said the scalding and plucking is miserable and skinning makes them flavorless.

    I have looked at some drill bit style pluckers to use after scalding. And comes.

    I won't ever being doing more them 10 birds at a time but I dont want butchering to be torture on me or the birds.

    Any guidance on quality inexpensive tools or solutions would be very appreciated.

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  3. kesrchicky16

    kesrchicky16 Songster

    Dec 13, 2016
    Thanks for the tip on the hemostats. I would not have thought of that.

    Also is there anything I can do for the last few weeks to make them tastier and the old birds less tough?
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    Burlap sack and an axe come to mind.
    Cut out a small section of the corner. Large enough for the chicken to stick it's head through. After getting them in the sack and head out the hole, wrap them up tightly, lay them on the stump and with one swing of the axe, not hatchet, do the deed. A homer bucket to catch head, blood and internal organs when you butcher.

    If a chicken is not restrained when you kill it, it is a messy affair. The chicken moves a lot after it is killed and it will spray blood.

    A scalding set up.

    Propane torch with flame spreader to singe any remaining pin feathers. Can do it with a candle or twisted sheet of newspaper although burning newspaper sometimes catches other things on fire.

    Thin bladed knife as sharp as possible.

    Appropriate sized cooler with ice water mixture to cool the carcasses.

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