Bute for pain?


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Nov 2, 2012
I have a 7 month old Buff Brahma who was left out side overnight about 7 days ago. She has slowly dwindled since then. She appears to have caught a flu I thought or something? She simply was standing alone not moving that next morning and never reentered the flock. By day 3 she was laying down as if her legs could no longer bare her weight. She was a totally vibrant chicken before. To my knowledge, nothing attacked her. The only clue is when I picked her up yellow liquid "leaked" out of her hind end which could have been pooh? But her pooh has been normal although runny. She sleeps a lot, breathes heavily at times but mostly no sign of respiratory distress. Today is day 7 and she seems like she is in pain. If I pick her up she makes noise and 'attacked' the towel I was using to hold her. She just kept grabbing it with her beak and pulling on it. She can only use her beak to try to push herself around along with her wings but it seems overnight she got weaker. I started her on antibiotic and electrolytes and water solution which she drinks eagerly until she seemingly falls asleep. I soaked her for 30 mins yesterday evening in a warm water epsom salt bath hoping if she had an infection on her rear or vent it would help, but today she seems weaker. She ate cat food very well and then today quit. Not much food at all today though she is drinking. I'm wondering about an anti-inflamitory such as a teeny bit of Bute with the thought she has swelling from an egg-she hasnt laid to my knowledge but then I really dont know if she has or not since I have around 30 chickens! (all pets of course) ;) She seems to be trying so hard but I am at the end of my imaginary method of doctoring this mystery illness. Any suggestions as to what to try or what may be wrong I'd appreciate. I did give her a light solution of children Tylenol and water of which she took 3 swallows this morning.
thank you in advance for any help~


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Nov 25, 2010
I don't think I'd give Bute for pain; don't know that I'd have given children's tylenol either. You can offer her some water with regular, adult sized asprin (not buffered) in it for pain. Dosage is 5 regular adult-sized aspirin to a gallon of water. It sounds like it could be EYP, which, I believe you did the right thing by giving antibiotics, however, hopefully some of the more experienced chicken owners will give their thoughs on your situation. Good luck.


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Jun 24, 2012
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I would not give bute or Tylenol... Baby aspirin would probably be your best choice. I might give banamine, but only after researching it's use in poultry. Yellow poop is not a good sign and could mean liver problems.

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