Butter Fried Deer Steak (The Bomb!)

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    Butter-Fried Deer Steak

    • Deer Steaks (cut ½” thick).
    • Yellow Onions
    • Italian Dressing (Zesty Italian if possible)
    • Worcestershire Sauce
    • Self Rising Flour
    • Black Pepper
    • (cheap) Margarine (not butter / it spatters and burns easier than margarine) (enough to keep about ¼” - 3/8” deep in frying pan). (I use Great Value stick margarine from Wal-Mart).
    • Teflon coated electric skillet with lid (is better for heat control).
    • Cooking temp: 250º - 300º depending on skillet
    • Tenderize steaks with meat mallet until extremely thin.
    • Pour a small amount of Italian Dressing out to allow for 2-3 ounces of Worcestershire Sauce in dressing bottle. Put cap on, and shake vigorously until mixed. Pour contents into a bowl, and put steaks in making sure they are all submerged. Stir meat around to make sure the marinade is making contact, and steaks are not sticking together. Marinate for at least 3-4 hours in refrigerator …….overnight is better.
    • Chop onion into small bits using a chopper or food processor.
    • Drain marinade off of meat in colander
    • Preheat skillet to 275º, and melt margarine to desired depth.
    • Layer onion chips in bed of margarine (I like a fairly solid bed of onions).
    • Pepper steaks lightly, and roll in flour.
    • Place steaks in skillet, and layer top of steaks with more onion chips.
    • Cook (simmer) with lid on skillet slowly until golden brown on bottom. Check carefully by lifting with fork, as crust will try to come off if not done on bottom.
    • Gently flip steaks, and brown on other side.
    • The key is to cook slowly, and to keep adding margarine as needed so meat is half submerged.
    • Remove loose cooked onion chips in skillet if cooking another batch. (These are about as good to eat by themselves as the steaks).

    A Consumer Must: It's definately immoral to consume this without some good ol' homemade biscuits (and whooped taters and gravy or rice and gravy) [​IMG]
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    ok now i am hungry [​IMG]
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    mmmmmmmmmm sounds heavenly

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