**Buttercup Chick Ill- loss of balance, limps, pastey stool

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    Aug 13, 2012
    I have a two week old or so Sicilian Buttercup (so I think based on photo comparison). The chick started off well then about 4 days into it, I noticed some pastey stool, and it seemed to iscolate itself from the other 3 birds (same age). I then noticed that it had unsteady balance, and limped on one leg. I thought that it woul dbe best to seegregate her from the others so I put her in a seperate brooder. To date she still has the limp, still has pasting (which I manually clean often), she is the same size as a week old bird, or about half the size of the others that came with her (a barred rock, a golden buff, and an unidentified chick). She eats ok (not alot, she drinks, not alot, and I frequently assist her with drinking). I have tried making the brooder warmer, cooler etc. I have tried Vita-Pack in her water, and sugar in her water. Same results, she limps, is small, and likes to just sit in one spot, which varies, not always under the lamp but not always away from it either. Anyway, anyone have any thoughts? I am new to this chicken thing.

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