*Buttercup Chick limping/paste/loss balance/

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    Aug 13, 2012
    I have a 2 1/2 week old buttercup (so I think) based on photo comparison. She was in a brooder with a Barred Rock and an unidentified chick until I noticed her not being as active as the other two in the brooder. I then isolated the buttercup into her own brooder for further observation. As I watches her for the past 4 days I have noticed the following; limps on one leg, loses balance, and always has pasty stool (which I manually clean), she does eat (not much), and she does drink. Things I have tried to help her; increase temperature, decrease temperature, and give new water and food and bedding often, and assist in helping drink water, mixed vital pack into her water, and sugar in water. As a general observation I haven't noticed much change, and I have noticed she is still about the same size as she was a week ago, unlike the two she was shipped with which are easily probably twice her size. Any thoughts?

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